What is Physical Therapy and How Is It Applied?

Physical therapy is known as a form of treatment using physical tools. Physical therapy is a form of treatment recommended by doctors and preferred in cases of various pains or in the treatment of paralyzed patients.

By applying certain electrical currents, hot or cold touches By applying the applications, the person is uncomfortable and pain It should be applied by massaging the area where it is located.

Physics many different devices with many machines during treatment referenced. Of course, at this point, the person’s discomfort is taken into account. and the return to treatment is very important. . Generally in treatments; magnetotherapy, ozone therapy, traction, mesotherapy, muscle strengthening, ultrasound this treatment method are some devices and applications used during.

Physics Among the goals of treatment are injured or damaged joints or It is used to repair soft tissues. Joint pain, arthritis, It is perfect for discomfort such as back pain and back pain. Physics specialists in treatment and rehabilitation centers It is carried out by. The important point here is physics. application of the treatment from the outside and reducing the pain felt and In addition, it is to provide joint mobility. Same time, Restoration of former activity for regions that have lost their function provided.

Knowing and attention in physical therapy practice There are some issues that need to be taken. The most important one, Attention of the person after physical therapy sessions is required. He has to take care and protect himself. Physics There are some general ailments where treatment will be applied. These are;

  • Those who feel pain in their shoulders, arms, legs and joints,
  • Those who have rheumatic diseases and experience the effects of this disease,
  • Weakness felt in the muscles as a result of some surgeries,
  • Those who feel pain or limitation of movement in the joints,
  • In case of any accidental fractures, dislocations, cracks,
  • Paralysis of arms and legs as a result of brain or nerve damage,

 Among the Physical Therapy types;

Water: It is an application made by adjusting the water temperature such as cold, hot and warm. Various devices and tools are used for this. It is even stated that hot springs are very good in terms of physical therapy.

Massage: It comes together with various methods applied to some points to strengthen circulation, relieve pain, increase mobility of joints and strengthen muscles.

Movement Therapy: It is a form of treatment applied to many people in order to increase the mobility of the person and regain their former mobility.

Electric Therapy: It is provided to eliminate the discomfort with the electric current, which is applied especially to paralysis patients, in a very light and proportional way.

Radiation Therapy: This treatment method uses ultraviolet rays that have a chemical effect. The most beneficial aspect of these rays is sunbathing. These rays are known to activate living cells.