Nutrition Recommendations for Reflux Patients

Nutrition Recommendations for Reflux Patients
• Fibrous foods prevent excessive stomach secretion during digestion. You can reduce reflux complaints by including whole grain foods in your diet, and fruits rich in fiber.
• Individuals with reflux should not lie down or sleep immediately after meals.
• Keeping the head at a height of 15-20 cm with a pillow support during the night to prevent the backflow of gastric fluid will reduce the risk of reflux.
• Excessive hot and extremely cold food consumption should be avoided.
• Too much fluid consumption in main meals can trigger reflux. For this reason, the consumption of liquids, water and beverages, should be preferred for snacks instead of main meals.
• Smoking should not be used, if it is, it should be quit.
• The consumption of coffee, chocolate, garlic, onion, fried foods and spices should be avoided.