Internal Diseases / Internal Medicine

In parallel with the scientific and technological development of medicine, the Internal Diseases department is divided into many sub-branches within itself, and it is the direct solution center of all the complaints of all adult patients over the age of 14 and it is the basis for all clinical branches. The health problems of the majority of patients who apply to health institutions are within the scope of Internal Diseases and solutions are offered.


Hypertension / Hypotension

-Endocrinology (troit, adrenal gland pitphysis and its diseases)

-Metabolic diseases and obesity (cholesterol, triglyceride elevations, gout, etc.)

Digestive system diseases (ulcer, gastritis reflux disease, colitis)

Anemia and blood diseases

Liver diseases

– Infection diseases are followed up with advanced examination and treatment.

-24 Hours Holter Monitoring (Blood Pressure, Rhythm)