Generally, the diseases that gynecologists and obstetricians are interested in:
– Pregnancy preparation and pregnancy follow-up
Normal birth and cesarean section
– Uterine diseases (fibroids, etc.)
– Ovarian diseases (Ovarian cyst etc.)
– Cervical diseases (Smear test, wound burning, freezing, etc.)
– curettage
– Menstrual irregularities
Vaginitis (discharge, etc.)
– Pregnancy and other diseases related ultrasonography
– Birth control methods (Spiral insertion, etc.)
– Infertility treatment (Vaccination, IVF etc.)
– Ectopic pregnancy
Organ prolapse, urinary incontinence
– Plastic surgeries of the genital organs

Gynecologists and obstetricians, like other doctors, serve in public hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals or practices.

“Obstetrics and gynecology” means gynecology and obstetrics. It defines the field related to obstetric birth, and gynecology defines gynecology diseases other than pregnancy and childbirth.