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What is Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology Taping; -It does not restrict the movement thanks to its high rate of flexibility. It can remain in the body for up to -3-7 days. -Water resistant. ?? It supports the muscles.It is effective in correcting joint problems. Increases blood and lymph circulation.-Reduces muscle cramping and injury.


Take an Allergy Test

What Are the Benefits of Allergy Testing? Allergy testing is a sensitive method to find out which allergens are causing your allergic reactions. Once you know which substances you are allergic to, your doctor will be able to develop a treatment plan to alleviate and eliminate some of your allergy symptoms. < / li> There Devamı…


Contact for the COVID-19 Test

Covid-19 IgM antibody can be used to help detect acute infections; IgM antibody is the first antibody produced after infection with Covid-19. For people with Covid-19 IgM positive, PCR test to measure Covid-19 RNA and lung tomography to see the condition of the lungs are recommended. Covid-19 IgG antibody is used to show the acute Devamı…